Increase Traffic on the Internet Super Highway with Web Apps

On the information highway we call the World Wide Web, destinations are plentiful but roadmaps tend to be scarce. The average web user doesn't necessarily have a planned destination the moment he or she logs onto the internet. That's why web users are known to "surf" the web, and why they can easily drift to one direction or another, based on the currents of culture and the tides of trend. SLG Web Design can help your company steer surfers through these shifting tides to your business, increasing traffic to your website through an online App.

The many advantages of web apps themselves contribute to a busier website and ultimately the chance to make more money. Web users are drawn to the convenient and up-to-date access web apps provide them to their favorite sites and services. They'll enjoy the embedded menus, music players, translation tools, and travel tips your app will provide. They'll come to rely on an app newsfeed to ensure they don’t miss the stories that are important to them. They'll crave that continued connection to your website and your brand. Your services and site will be more user-friendly, appealing and relevant to users by default. But the traffic potential doesn't stop there...

Increase Traffic with SLG Web Design Instant Apps

Consider the importance too of repeat visitors to your website as a source of increased traffic and continued interest in your product or service. SLG Web Design will create a custom app out of your site's content allowing you to reinvent some traditional marketing techniques.  This ensures your users receive the information they want in an appealing, convenient and timely manner, you are increasing traffic to your website and strengthening interest in your services.

SLG Web Design is all about building your App to reach the masses

Building apps for multiple devices is now essential. SLG Web Design is a full service solution – we'll design and build your Apps with our expertise.

SLG Web Design reduces the time, cost and enormous complexities of creating and distributing mobile Apps to run on hundreds of different devices

SLG Web Design can design Mobile Apps for any company to maximize their reach.

Creating an App will Increase Revenue
So what will these Apps do for your site?  Apps can increase revenue for your website. Once we have created your App and promoted it to your website, users and current users will keep coming back and gain new customers. All this extra traffic leads to increased revenue.
Making an App Will Increase Your Presence with Your Users
A constant, visible reminder of your site, your brand, your product. This not only serves to build up user loyalty, but ensures that your best content is just a click away. Anytime, anywhere.
Apps can Increase Returning Traffic
Your App’s constant presence on their mobile device can also serve to increase returning traffic. Whenever your users open their device, they see a reminder of your site and are therefore much more likely to come back to it. This increase in returning traffic will ultimately result in increased revenue.
Whatever You Offer, Offer it with an App
Whatever the goal of your site, you can offer it with a App. Let’s say, for example, that your site sells tickets. You can offer an App that allows your users to buy tickets faster and easier. That means more ticket sales and increased revenue. All done through an App, and shared with a network of millions.

No matter what you offer your users, you can promote it using Apps from SLG Web Design.
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SLG Mobile Apps

With our mobile apps, you can access, events and product details, information and more - all from the palm of your hand.



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