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The old adage of capping online advertising at 3 to 7 percent of your paid advertising budget should be cast out. Make sure your budget isn’t years out of date. The corporate world quickly understood it needed online advertising communication to reach the millions of people who were not enthusiastic supporters of their product or service.
The corporate world also understood it had to pay for this, and began adjusting advertising budgets to include as much as 40 to 50 percent for online advertising. Company advertising budgets need to follow suit or get left behind.
Invest in paid acquisition. We all need it.
Even the highest profile companies invest heavily in paid advertising to boost their online presence.
Marketing Packages:

Basic Package


$50 FREE Google Advertising Credit

FREE Website Submission to 1,800+ Directories

$100 FREE Bing Advertising Credit

FREE Online Advertising with

Standard Package


$100 FREE Google Advertising Credit

FREE Website Submission to 1,800+ Directories

$75 FREE Bing Advertising Credit

FREE Online Advertising with

Premium Package


$100 FREE Google Advertising Credit

FREE Website Submission to 1,800+ Directories

$100 FREE Bing Advertising Credit

FREE Online Advertising with

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Consumers are empowered by having access through a variety of devices and are enabled by the wide penetration of the Internet and the tools it brings to research, investigate, share opinions compare and purchase.  The downturn is going to increase the importance of digital technology in our lives because it helps us save - money, time and costly travel. Staying in is the new going out!
Over the past 5 years the advertising industry landscape has changed dramatically, with online marketing spending experiencing explosive growth. While most other media have maintained relative levels of spend with global online advertising spend growing overall it is interesting to note that newspaper advertising revenue has been cannibalized by online media budgets.
Why is it that online advertising has become so popular?  There are several key factors involved in determining which media is used in any marketing campaign.  Consider the marketing objective of your campaign.  Is the campaign goal brand awareness, direct sales and acquisitions or developing new markets?  Also consider the production costs involved.  The ability to effectively target and measure audiences and the popularity with consumers is important.  Online advertising has experienced massive growth, as it provides advertisers with the ability to reach a large number of consumers at home or at abroad in a efficient and measurable manner.  Clients are given the range of advertising options available by combining, search display and video advertising supported with our sophisticated reporting and tracking tools and large audience reach.  Online advertising campaigns become a compelling concept for any company interested in developing a smart, scalable and profitable business strategy.
We provide targeted marketing services for established websites and businesses seeking exposure, as well as through our standard design and e-commerce packages.  Whether your website needs increased search engine visibility, directory inclusion, a pay-per-click campaign, or membership in an affiliate program, we can address all your marketing needs.


Pay Per Click Advertising

We provide customized services and highly effective Pay Per Click advertising that significantly increases qualified website traffic. Pay Per Click advertising requires regular monitoring, effective tracking and constant tweaking to be a successful part of your marketing strategy.

Increasingly competitive, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a highly effective way to attract targeted traffic to your website. PPC advertising works on a bid for position basis. You bid against similar companies for keyword positioning on certain search engines.

Online advertising services include:


Keyword Analysis Analyze how your services, products and target markets behave on PPC search engines  
Keyword Analysis Identify targeted keywords and phrases   Google, Youtube, Ask, MSN, Yahoo & Bing Advertising! 
Keyword Analysis Construct appealing keyword descriptions and title tags 
Keyword Analysis Setup Google and second-tier PPC accounts 
Keyword Analysis Track website hits, leads, and sales 
Keyword Analysis Provide detailed monthly report 


Link Building

Search engines place the highest priority on relevant content and the number of high quality, relevant inbound links to your site.

In order to implement an effective link building campaign, sites that have a high Google PageRank (PR) and content that is relevant to your site must be identified and you must solicit a link to your site from them.  Once linked, these sites must be constantly monitored to ensure your website continually ranks high in the search engines.  The whole process can be extremely time consuming and should be left to our professionally certified in-house SEO experts.

We do in-depth research for relevant directories and online sources where your site position will benefit from placement.



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